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Writers Guild Looks to Write a Different Ending in Contract Talks

Originally posted on Variety:

Once upon a time, Hollywood was the mecca of “income inequality” — that is, before those two words became dirty. Movie stars put out press releases boasting of their multimillion dollar salaries. MGM’s boss, Louis B. Mayer, was proudly the nation’s highest-paid executive.

Now, of course, “income inequality” is a catch phrase for what’s becoming a global protest — one to which even Hollywood can relate.

The entertainment industry for generations lived in a protective cocoon of buoyant salaries and benefits. Labor disputes and layoffs were vulgar things that happened in other industries, but Hollywood, after all, was a creative community that manufactured an exotic product and seemed to live by its own rules.

Insiders may have predicted a rude awakening, but few felt it would be in the form of a writers strike — the clumsily managed three-month tragicomedy that ended six years ago, and which both sides managed…

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